Starting Burch Jones Candle Company

Many of our awesome fans have asked how Austin Burch and Kyle Jones started this company and why they chose to make and sell candles. The answer is simple, both Austin and Kyle wanted to excel their personal goals by starting their own company while still attending college. But why candles?

Candles are fun! Fun to make and fun to sell. Both Austin and Kyle agree that making and selling candles together is both a fantastic bonding and learning experience. Being able to regulate the amount of time and energy they put forth is a terrific way to make money and still make school a priority. The ability to manage their own schedule gives both of them a huge advantage when scheduling classes and having down time. Candle making is not just a job for them, it is a fun hobby that they both enjoy. Many Burch Jones fans would agree that their candles along with their service are hard to beat.

The company started with only eight scents and only one size. They didn’t even have a website until November of 2017, two months after they started making candles. However as their popularity grew, so did they. They added fourteen new scent and two new sizes to their collection. In January of 2018 Burch Jones Candle Company re-established itself as Burch Jones LLC (D.B.A) Burch Jones Candle Company in Greenville, Wisconsin and sales grew approximately 350% in January alone. You can now find them at many local craft shows throughout the Fox Valley as well as the Downtown Neenah Farmers Market.

When establishing the business plan both Austin and Kyle wanted to create a deeper purpose to the company than just a “college gig”. They decided to dedicate a portion of their sales to a charitable cause or non-profit every year. For their first year, they chose to donate 10% of sales in 2018 to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The cause of giving back to the community is the foundation that both Austin and Kyle desired for the company.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Burch Jones Candle Company and please comment or contact us with any questions you may have.