Burch Jones Candle Club.

As club members, enjoy:

  • Free shipping.

  • New fragrances based on your personal fragrance profile.

  • Fragrances before they are released to the public.

  • Exclusive club member offers and discounts.

Steps to join:

  1. Choose your membership package.

  2. Click the link to register.

  3. Select how often you would like to get your package.

  4. Create your fragrance profile.

Refer your friends to get free candles, t-shirts, and other cool things from Burch Jones Candle Company. The candle club is the perfect gift for someone special. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback. We love hearing from our amazing customers!

All of our candles and wax melts are hand crafted with 100% soy wax, essential oils, and premium fragrances.

Be a part of something awesome, join the club.

Bronze Package

Don't like having an open flame candle? The bronze package is for you and will include five wonderfully fragrant wax melts designed according to your personal preference. Enroll as a bronze package club member for just $20.00 per shipment.

Silver Package

The silver package will include both wax melts and candles that are perfectly crafted to your fragrance desires. This package will include one large candle, one small candle, and two wax melts. Become a silver package club member for only $35.00 per shipment.

Gold Package

The gold package is designed for candle lovers and includes candles scented according to your personal fragrance profile. In every package, you will receive two large candles and two small candles. Register as a gold package club member for only $45.00 per shipment.

Once you have chosen your package, click the button below and join the club.