Fundraising Information & Pricing

Why Burch Jones Candle Company?

·         Every candle is hand-poured with 100% soy wax and has no added dye, coloring, or chemicals.

·         10% of our annual sales is being donated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, including sales from your fundraiser.

·         A new and local business founded by Austin Burch and Kyle Jones in Greenville, Wisconsin, January of 2018.

·         Every month we release new fragrances based on customer request.

·         We use only the highest quality fragrance oils and the purest essential oils.

Our mission is to provide clean burning, eco-friendly candles that are sustainable and that are sold to make a difference in the community that we belong. By adhering to high standards of quality and customer service, it is our intention to make high quality candles without compromise and provide the best customer service without question.

Pricing | Selling Price | You Make

Large Candles | $12.00 | $5.00

Small Candles | $8.50 | $3.50

Wax Melts | $3.00 | $1.00

Scents Are available Online

  • Visit our online store at

  • Mention your organization when checking out on the website

  • Delivery is just in time for the holidays

  • If you order from the website, Burch Jones Candle Company will deliver your order and 50% of the order goes to your organization – Thank you for your support

Terms and Conditions

Tax is included in the selling price. Your organization is responsible for delivering items from individual order forms. Online orders are shipped separately. Online sales will be credited only for the duration of your fundraiser.